Cozy In-Home Session, Dorothy + Casey

So thankful for couples who welcome me into their home to capture what their love looks like on a day-to-day. Shoots like this are so special to me. It's not an easy task to be completely vulnerable in front of the camera, but Dorothy and Casey did it so well!

Hope you enjoy!

Fairlane Station Styled Bridal Shoot, Antonella

My favorite thing in the world is meeting and collaborating with other creatives. This shoot was not in the making for very long, but I am so happy how everything came together! It helps when you have some talented gals to help you bring your ideas to life. Antonella made such a lovely bride and I hope you guys enjoy this set! 

Greenhouse Maternity Session, Savanna + Ben

So incredibly happy I could capture the joy and excitement Savanna and Ben are feeling during this time! They will cherish these moments forever. This shoot was one of the sweetest sessions I have ever shot, and I am so happy to share these with you guys. Baby Wilder is so lucky to have these two as her parents. Enjoy!

Intimate Neighborhood Session, Morgan + Clark

This shoot holds a special place in my heart. We ended up shooting in my neighborhood, and it was so nice getting to casually walk down our sidewalks and make stops at cottages and behind neighbors garages. Morgan and Clark made the whole session so effortless. Their love for each other is so evident in every shot, and I am so excited to share the full set of images!

I hope you enjoy! 

The Yang Wedding, Dolly + Dao

It was so special getting to be there for Dolly and Dao on their big day. I used to work with Dolly at a local drugstore, and loved getting to hear about how her and Dao's relationship was progressing and growing on a day to day. Getting to watch her walk down the isle to him was the sweetest moment.  Just to know how far they had come, and to see their smiling faces when they saw each other down the isle, is why I love doing what I do. So thankful for couples who trust in me to capture their day. 

Editorial Portrait Session, Antonella

This shoot confirmed my passion for photography. I have been pushing myself lately to push out of my creative comfort zone, and this session was just what I needed! Antonella is such a gem and didn't even question my weird pose requests. Hope you enjoy something a little different than my usual. 

Small Town Sweetheart Session, Tabetha + Luke

I get to meet the coolest couples in my field of work. Tabetha and Luke are high school sweethearts and were so fun to work with! You can see how much they care for one another in these photos so clearly, and that is why I love what I do. Not to mention their shiba puppy Sunny is incredibly cute. Loved getting to capture these moments. 

Intimate Garden Wedding, Tara + Dustin

Words cannot even describe how thankful I am to get to photograph the love of such amazing people. Tara and Dustin were so lovely to work with, and their day was insanely beautiful. The quiet moments in between the hectic of the day are what I live for. I hope the images I captured show an ounce of the happiness everyone was feeling on their wedding day, and the small yet memorable moments in between. 

Downtown Portrait Session, Johnna

My favorite thing in the world is to get to connect and meet creatives from all over! We all have one thing in common, our love for creating, and that is what makes it so special to me. Johnna was such a pleasure to shoot with! I absolutely love hearing about the passions of others, and her enthusiasm towards birth photography was so inspiring. Looking forward to the next time we get to laugh and shoot together again!