Ramon + Kaley | Mid-Summer Engagement Session

The truth of the matter is, it’s scary getting in front of the camera! I truly think that one of the reasons I became a photographer was because I despised being in photos so much, and wanted to be the person taking them instead. Most of my couples express to me before our sessions that they aren’t models and don’t really know what to do in front of the camera. I think that’s how 90% of us feel! You’re in luck though because when you book a shoot with us we give you exact directions from the beginning of the shoot to the end! My absolute goal is to make you feel comfortable with the camera pointed towards you, even if that means I have to crack a few cheesy dad jokes along the way. Kaley and Ramon totally killed it at their engagement shoot! I love getting to meet the couples who book us for their wedding beforehand, because we get to make a connection with them prior to their wedding. I can honestly say that I wanted to be best friends with these two after our session! I hope you guys enjoy the full set from this sweet mid-summer session!

Johnna + Wade | El Cosmico Session, Marfa TX.

Jesse and I basically consider ourselves the luckiest people ever because we not only found people who we travel well with, but also BFFs for life. Our trip to Marfa, in a sense, revolutionized our friendship with Johnna and Wade. We bonded over a 12 hour car ride (there and back), shots of hot sauce (that was all Jesse + Wade), adventures in Big Bend National Park, and Nacho Libre (because who doesn’t love nacho libre). Our first night we stayed at El Cosmico which is basically the whole camping experience but with tents that included beds, airstream trailers complete with outdoor showers, and even tee-pees! It was seriously one of the coolest places I’ve ever stayed! These photos will always be so special to me, because they remind me of how much fun we had on this trip! Find yourself some friends who will never say no to a last minute roadtrip! You won’t regret it!

Ashlyn + Ryan | Historic Apartment Session, Fayetteville AR.

Ashlyn + Ryan live in the coolest historic apartment, and I had such a blast getting to document their love there! I think it is so important that you have photos of you and your significant other in every place that you call home, so you can have those memories forever. There is something so special about in-home shoots, and i’m so thankful for couples who think they are special as well. Hope you enjoy this sweet session!

Jaydinn + Anthony | Intimate In-home Session, Bentonville AR.

Jesse and I got to shoot with the sweetest couple a few weeks ago, and we left the session with new friends! It seriously felt like we were old pals just hanging out and shooting together, and that is honestly the best. I was casually scrolling through the Airbnb app a few weeks before this shoot and saw this adorable a-frame house, and immediately messaged the owner about shooting here because, HELLO. I cannot get over how adorable this home was, and I got to shoot with an equally as adorable couple in it, so it was pretty much a win. This was the perfect session to kick off the new year for us. Thank you to everyone who has supported our work through the years! It means SO much!

Hannah + Russell | Cozy Clothesline Engagement Session

I have so much love for this engagement session I shot with Hannah and Russell! I love whenever I get the chance to use my house as a studio for my shoots! There’s something about the simplicity of the antique linens that I love, and it just goes to show that you don’t always need a fancy location to create something awesome! This shoot was so special because Hannah wore Russell’s moms dress that she wore whenever she got engaged. (And it fits her like a glove!) I’m all about the sentimental details! Hope you enjoy!

Madison + Jeremy | Fall Photo Session

Give me all of the fall couples sessions please! This shoot with Madison and Jeremy was so fun and I love that they weren’t afraid to be goofy and real in these photos. Always so thankful for couples who are completely themselves in front of the camera. The locations we used were so simple like my back porch or a field down the street, but these photos honestly turned out to be some of my favorites ever. It goes to show that you don’t always need a super fancy background to make art. Hope you enjoy the full set!

Motay | Editorial Photo Series

I saw a motorcycle for sale by the side of the road and that is where this session idea blossomed! I messaged the guy who owned it and he let us use it for this shoot, and that was the best decision! I seriously love that Motay didn't even question my ideas whenever I pulled out a magnifying glass to use as a prop and asked her to climb to the top of the RV. She was up for anything and I absolutely love that! This was such a fun shoot!

Morgan + Clark | Clothesline Couple Session

This little backyard clothesline session has my heart! It was so much fun gathering all of my linen clothes + old linen runners, and hanging them through our backyard. I honestly did not want to take them down after the shoot was over! Morgan and Clark seriously never disappoint. Their love for one another is so evident in every photo I took, and they are just the sweetest humans I've ever met. So excited to show you the full set from this session! 


Olympic National Park Session, Krissie + Bryce

So thankful we got to meet up with these two lovebirds in Washington and capture their love! I seriously felt like we were old friends hanging out even though we had never met before. I think my favorite thing about photography is leaving a shoot and feeling like you have new friends. These two totally killed their session! I will never not be obsessed with this whole set.

Hope you enjoy!

Homey Historic Apartment In-home Session , Ashlyn + Ryan

Ashlyn and Ryan are seriously the coolest couple, and I am so honored that I got to capture their love! They have a pet bunny named Bilbo and they live in the sweetest historic apartment overflowing in plants. Um, what more can you ask for? Anytime a client suggests shooting an in-home session I get so excited because they realize just how incredibly special they are. Years down the road I want you to be able to see how absolutely in love you are in each photograph. So basically if you are contemplating hiring someone for an in-home session please let it be me, and also DO IT. You will not regret it! 

Sweetheart Scooter Session, Hailey + Gaetano

Anytime you get a scooter, a couple who is madly in love, and puppy all together for a photo shoot, you know something magical is going to happen! It is so awesome whenever I go to a shoot, meet new people, and leave feeling like we are friends. I felt like I could have spent the whole night chatting with these two about our travel and adventures! It is seriously so cool that I get to connect with so many lovely couples from all over. This is why I love my job. <3 Also, how cute are these two?! Their love is so evident in every shot and I am so glad I got to be the one to capture it! 

Golden Hour Sweetheart Session, Shelby + Jacob

This was Shelby + Jacob's first shoot together, and they absolutely killed it! There is nothing like a couple who isn't afraid to be goofy together. I love that they were totally open to running around, jumping on each others backs, and dancing together in the middle of the field. This shoot was one for the books!!

Lake Wedington Sunset Session, Caitlin + Sebastian

I am so thankful for couples who hear out my vision, and help bring it to life! This was such a fun shoot! We gathered at the lake at sunset with lights, pillows, and blankets at hand, and set up this cute little session! It seriously ended up being so sweet, and definitely one of my faves. <3

Industrial Styled Wedding at The Brick Ballroom, Evenne + Zac

I got to collaborate with some amazing vendors a few weeks back, and I am so excited to show you the full set of images! The whole day from beginning to end was perfection! There was even cake involved. (need I say more) So much talent was in one room, and I am so grateful I was a part of this project! My friend Johnna and I planned this shoot from the ground up, and I could not have asked for a better partner/friend to make this all happen with. Hope you enjoy!

List of vendors:

Venue: The Brick Ballroom Florals: 27 Rue de Fleur Wardrobe: Tesori- Bridal, Formal, & Occasion Makeup: Rachel McClard MUA Model: Evenne Fields Photogs: The Harp Creatives + The Johnsons Decor: Eventures Party Rentals Video: Truebadours Cake: Earth + Honey


Little Sahara and Gloss Mountain Couples Session , Johnna + Wade

There's nothing like taking a spontaneous trip with friends and finding the most gorgeous sites on the way! We hiked up to our shoot location in twenty degree, windy weather, and it was totally worth it. Johnna and Wade may have been miserably cold while shooting, but you would never be able to tell in these photos. There may have been a lot of kinks in our plans on this trip, but it ended up being one of my favorites!

Hope you enjoy the full set!